A wig?! I hear you cry - but yes in the above picture I am wearing one of the AMAZING 3/4 wig from Annabelle's Wigs.  When most people hear 'wig' they think, costume or for someone who has no hair at all.  But if you're looking to boost your own hair - you really need to have a look at the 3/4 wig!  I have always been one of those girls that lust after gorgeous "celebrity" hair.  It always look so thick and long, something I've never been able to achieve with my own hair.  Obviously when you have a lot of money and an entourage consisting of your own hairstylist - your hair will look fabulous but, sadly us mere mortals it's a lot harder achieve.  I've tried clip in extensions and have used them for a few years - but I'm the kind of girl that wants results fast with minimal effort.  It's always taken me ages to get my hair ready for a night out, lots of styling and products to try and get ANY volume and then taking ages again to clip in all of the extensions - then faffing about for ten minutes trying to make sure you can't see any clips. Stress which I don't really need before I go out.

Photo of my hair before the wig.  Had to start using flash, because mother nature decided I really needed a massive dark cloud outside my window, pissing from the heavens. The joys of Autumn/Winter blogging!
As you can see from this photo of my hair, it's definitely not as thick as it looks with the wig.  And it's not as long either.  I can't seem to grow my hair much past this length.  I don't really mind my hair as it is.  For everyday it's absolutely fine, but I do like something a bit more going on for going out.  Most of the Annabelle's 3/4 wigs are synthetic hair, so you buy them in the style that you would like to wear them.  As I like my hair with a bit of a wave going on naturally I chose one that is wavy.  You can't re-style the synthetic ones because they'll just melt from the heat of your styling tools.  But if you do want one that you can re-style, they'll cost you a bit more money.  I couldn't really be bothered with that.  Then it's just as much effort, if not more than clip-in extensions.  And like I said earlier on in the post - I like minimal effort with most things.  I would honestly buy one in every style before I'd buy one I need to do myself - especially because I've been really impressed with this one.

Direct Link to 3/4 I purchased - 'Gemma' 3/4 wig £28.99

There are lots of different styles, lengths and colours to choose from, so undoubtedly you would find something to suit yourself.  It fits on just about halfway back on the top of your head.  The entire front section is your own hair, which I think is the secret for it looking so natural.  There's no wig caps or complicated pinning involved, as your own hair is left down and blends into the layers of the wig.  There are two flexi-tooth combs at the top and the bottom which are for securing into your hair.  Just for a little bit of extra security I put two kirby grips (or bobby pins) behind my ears.  A lot of you wont need to add the extra security depending on the thickness and coarseness of your own hair, mine is so thin and soft at the moment from dyeing it, there just isn't much for the flexi-tooth comb to grab onto at the top.  I tried to get photos of how to put the wig in but they were horrendous - so if you want to see how to do it, there's a video on the Annabelle's Wigs website.

The wig comes with a hair net - which I would advise keeping your wig in when you're not using it.  It'll just protect the wig and help it keep the proper shape.  It comes with a small set of instructions on the back of the circular Annabelle's Wig label.  Just stuff like what to do with it when you wash it, but if you have any further questions, there is more information on the website, and they have a twitter account.  

I'm so excited to have something that makes my hair look so gorgeous!  So now I just need my foot to hurry up and get better so I can go a night out with it in.  But, for now I'll just have to sit around the house with it in and staring at my gorgeous hair in the mirror!