Hello Lovelies,

I purchased proactiv from Boots about 6 months ago now, to try and clear up my skin as I'd been having problems with it.  I gave it a fair trial, cutting out all other skincare in order to solve the outbreak I'd had.  My skin tends to do that, it goes in waves of being really bad, to being pretty good.  And I was at a bad stage.

I had spots that were taking ages to heal and then just as I thought they were getting better, more would come.  It was a nightmare.  I stuck to the regime of using only these products morning and night, but I didn't see any results very quickly.  I persevered as, hopefully, most of you know it can take up to three months for a skin product to show results.  Within a couple of weeks my skin had shown a massive improvement and my skin was staying clear of spots for weeks.  I thought I had found my miracle.

However that is not the case.  My skin, as it always does had simply got to a good stage on it's own.  And I only discovered this because I continued to use proactiv and by around 2 months of using the products my skin completely broke out again.  Like I've said it tends to do, if I'm stressed or not eating well or have been unwell.  So I thought, no problem my proactiv will sort this right out, it'll be around a week or two and my skin will look okay again.  But, NOPE!

This did absolutely nothing for my skin, except making it feel super sensitive due to the acids in the toner.  To be perfectly honest the only things I find that work for clearing my skin quicker are Sudocreme or good old fashioned tea tree oil.  I am however keen to try the Origins Super Spot Remover.

Proactiv is advertised by an array of very famous American stars, and something I later discovered is; that the key ingredient needed in order to fight and keep break outs at bay is not licensed for use in the UK - so UK proactiv is nothing like what you get in the USA.  This is why I'm assuming it's such a big disappointment.  And there is a possibility that you'll get better results from using the American Proactiv.

The kit cost me £39.99 from Boots, so it's safe to say I am so not amused by that waste of money.  I feel like if the key ingredient cannot be sold here then why sell an unaffective/less effective version?  So please don't ever waste your money on this stuff if you don't live in the US! - although I'm not sure if the proper proactiv is available in other countries.  But for the UK it's a big fat no! Although if you wish to try it anyway, I would recommend ordering it from the proactiv website as they offer a 60 day money back guarantee.