Hello Lovelies!

Just wanted to pop up a quick post to let you know that I'm finally 21! I only say finally because I'm always the baby out of my friends, through school and through university - and just generally in life I tend to make friends with people older than me. Some would say it's because I'm wise beyond my years but really it's just because I'm old and boring before my time. And that has become massively clear for this birthday. Most people turning 21 are having big parties, getting dressed up to the nines and getting fabulously drunk; but not me.

On Saturday I spent the evening with my family, my grandparents and my aunts, uncles, cousins and parents - oh and my sister! We had some good food and had a great laugh playing mad games. I love spending time like that with my family and we usually do it for everyone's birthday and Christmas and things. I done that on Saturday because my birthday is on a Tuesday this year, everyone's working and stuff so it wouldn't have been good to try and do something on the actual 'day'. So this year my birthday is quite a chilled affair. I'm going for coffee in the morning with my best friend and then just chilling the rest of the day - probably having a movie marathon or something.

On Thursday night I'm going for dinner with my friends to one of my favourite Italian restaurants, Toni Macaroni. It doesn't sound like it's that good from the name but they do my favouritest pasta ever. I'll probably take photos and things and do a blog post on it anyway, so look out for that later this week.

And finally this Saturday I'm going for dinner with my mum, dad and sister. This is the birthday to put foodies to shame I think. I'm undecided of where were going. I was thinking of trying Jamie Oliver's Glasgow restaurant, but then Lori from Glasgow Beauty Blogger suggested an amazing Japanese restaurant. You know the kind you see in the movies when you sit round and your chef throws food into your mouth. Whenever I think of it I think of the time Ross from friends was at one and bombed his date because Carol showed up - although hopefully for my birthday it'd be a little less depressing (that episode is such a downer!).

So yes I'm dragging my birthday out over a week, but who doesn't? And now that I'm 21 people can let me be old and boring in peace!