Last week, I treated myself to a few little things from MAC as a graduation present to myself (any excuse!).  I bought it before my graduation so that I could wear one of the lipsticks on the day.  And I had noticed the eyeshadow being used a lot by the makeup artists I watch on youtube, so obviously I needed it.

[L: Cosmo R: Retro]
I decided on these two lipsticks, which are quite unlike anything I've got.  Cosmo is a very natural, but deep petal pink and this is what I wore for my graduation.  Retro is quite dramatic and very pigmented, deep brownish red.  I tried it out blended into the lip and it looks really natural too, just a more red toned natural lip, which is beautiful.  These two bring my MAC lipstick count up to 17 (what? problem? me? nooo...okay I have problem!)

MAC Eyeshadow - Mulch

This is a gorgeous warm toned shimmery brown, that looks gorgeous in the crease and on the lid (I've tried it both ways and it's beautiful!  It's similar to MAC Bronze, but it has a slightly warmer tone to it.  As it's a neutral colour I can see me getting a lot of use out of this too.

Don't forget to check out my MAC Lipsticks page where you can see lip swatches of all of my MAC lipsticks!

Whenever I buy things from MAC it will most likely be a lipstick or an eyeshadow, or maybe a blush.  Me and MAC foundations just do not get on, although I used them for years when I was younger - but they make me break out like crazy.