On Wednesday, I had the pleasure of going to the Hilton Glasgow, with some fellow Scottish bloggers to trial their afternoon tea lounge, Ti.  The Hilton describes Ti as, "Derived from the Scottish Gaelic word for Tea, Ti represents a modern, fashionable and cosmopolitan lounge filled with energy and personality. Ti not only offers traditional afternoon tea but will introduce new versions of the classic with the "Ti Afternoon Tea with a Twist" including "Confessions of a Chocoholic" and "Mad Hatters Afternoon Tea"".

We were greeted by some lovely staff and a glass of Champagne, and given an introduction to what the Ti lounge is all about.  The lounge is open plan to the main foyer of the Hilton, but once you're in and seated it's like your own little comfy cocoon.  Each table was served with one of the afternoon tea selections.  At our table we received the "Classic Afternoon Tea" but we all had a little look around at the other selections, and of course we all cheekily shared bits!  I took a ridiculous amount of photos, so I just picked my favourites, and an assortment from the three different Afternoon teas.  The three on offer are:

"Classic Afternoon Tea" [£14.00 pp]
An assortment of freshly cut finger sandwiches, freshly baked scones served with clotted cream and strawberry jam and a selection of artisan cakes

"Confessions of a Chocoholic" [£15.00 pp]
Yummy chocolate fondue accompanied by dunkable treats - assorted diced seasonal fruits, marshmallows, rolled gaufrettes, and a selection of cakes to bite.

"Mad Hatters Tea Party" [£17.00 pp]
An assortment of freshly cut tea party finger sandwiches.  Queen of Hearts strawberries, dipped in scrummy chocolate.  A selection of cupcakes and themed cakes. "Drink Me" Potion, blue bubblegum soda.

Personally I am a self confessed Chocoholic, so the confessions of a chocoholic seems perfect for me!  Even though there's a melted chocolate, you feel slightly less guilty when you're eating fruit covered in it.  The Mad Hatters Tea Party, is perfect for a birthday afternoon tea.  It even comes with party hats!  And any lover of Alice in Wonderland would love it.  The Classic Afternoon tea was really lovely too.  It had the perfect balance between having a snack and indulging in yummy treats.  But if you're not looking for something as big as a three tiered treat tray - they also offer a Classic Cream Tea [£8.00 pp] which includes they're lovely scones with clotted cream and strawberry jam.

We were then introduced to the massive assortment of teas on offer, and had the opportunity to try a pot of one of our choice.  I like to think I'm quite a tea connoisseur, and I had tried quite a few of the blends they offered - so I went for something completely different.  I tried the White Silver Tips tea from the Oriental collection (full list of teas can be found here).  It's probably worth a mention that all of the teas are from Twinings, which happen to be my favourite tea company.

White Silver Tips:
Silver tips is a rare and sought after tea made using only the unopened buds of the tea plant.  The tiny buds are packed with antioxidants, and because they are the juiciest part of the tea plant, the give a delicate fresh flavour.  Twinings select the finest silver tips from Sri Lanka and Indonesia to create a light and delicate tea that's sweet, fresh and peachy in character.  Enjoy this tea in its most natural state without milk.

I was sold on choosing this tea when it said "antioxidant" I was definitely going to need it after munching on lots of cakes.  It was lovely, and it really did have a refreshing taste and feeling.  I'm sure if I'd drank regular tea, I'd have been ready for my bed after indulging in so many treats, but I felt give invigorated!  On each table is a Twinings tea timer, which will ultimately give you the perfect blend.  Simply add the infusion to your pot, turn the timer (there are three separate timers, but your server will tell you which one is for your tea type) and once it has emptied, lift out your infuser and enjoy your tea!

I would highly recommend trying out the Ti Lounge as a little treat.  I really enjoyed my evening, the staff were friendly and welcoming and the food and tea were great.  Plus it was nice to enjoy it all in a big cushy chair!