This is my second Illusion D'Ombre, the first being Emerveille (and you can read all about that here).  For me the Chanel Illusion D'Ombre bring something completely different to the table when it comes to cream pot shadows.  For starters they don't even feel like a cream.  It's more like a mousse - I struggled to explain it before because it's just so unusual, so again I'd suggest checking them out in person if possible!  As Emerveille is quite understated and something I usually use during the day - so I really wanted a more intense shade for my second choice.

I ultimately chose Illusoire because I don't really own any greyish toned eye products - usually I opt for browns.  It's quite purple toned which I like, because it's something a bit different from the usual concrete/putty toned hues of a grey.  The texture of this means that you can just use it to add a light wash of subtle colour or you can build it up to be more intense (like in the swatch below).  It's so shimmery which I love, rarely do I wear matte eyeshadows (that's probably the only thing missing from my extensive eyeshadow collection).  I do find that I don't use this as much as I'd like but it's not because I don't love it.  It's just a habit for me to choose browns which I really need to break more often.  The purple undertones in this really brings out the green tones in my eyes which is lovely.  I would quite like to get another illusion d'ombre, but I have no idea which one I would get!  I love the look of Fantasme, Ebloui and Apparence!