Hello lovelies!

I have a confession, I'm really really pale.  As in, I could probably give Snow White a run for her money!  So usually I always have some form of fake tan on, which normally is to just make me a healthier colour. I don't do the whole tanned within an inch of my life/orange very obvious fake tan, although I have had my unlucky moments in the past where I have gone a bit overboard.  Haven't we all?

Anyway, I had heard a lot of good things about xen-tan in the beauty blogging stratosphere, so I decided to do a bit of my own research.  I hopped over to their website and got down to some reading.

One of the first things I read was that the tan has OLIVE undertones, which is absolutely brilliant as it's pretty impossible to look orange.  With olive undertones there is a richness to it, that could be a genuine tan.  The fault of a lot of other tans is that they are bronze based, which is basically the same as if you use too much bronzer - you will look orange.  So that was a positive right away.

£29.00 from House of Fraser

Secondly they use an ingredient called DHA (Dihydroxyacetone) which is a form of 'sunless tanning', and claim to have one of the highest concentrations of this on the market.  This means that it is actively changing the colour of your skin the way it would in the sun, without all the damage!  And as a lot of cheaper fake tans have very little or none of this it sits on top of the skin, drying it out as it can't breathe.  Have you ever used a fake tan that just makes your skin feel tight and even a little dirty? That'll be the ones that sit on the skin!

And finally it contains green tea, vitamin e (found in rich moisturisers - E45 anyone?) and other essential antioxidants.  Basically this means that it'll moisturise your skin too as well as giving your skin an amazing natural glow.  And this suited me a lot, because I hate to moisturise everyday, it's so time consuming!  There are also 3 different colour ranges, with different products to suit your tanning needs, so yes I am very impressed with you Xen-Tan!

I bought the deep bronze luxe in dark - from the medium colour range (just to confuse you!).  This is a weekly self-tan and I agree, that applying it once a week has kept me a gorgeous colour without all the usual patchyness and generally horrible 'getting tan off to start over' phase.  As a bonus to all of it's wonderful ingredients, it smells absolutely amazing, I would eat this if I could - but I suppose that's not advisable!

I paid quite a lot for mine, but it is a big bottle.  I have however found it cheaper on a discounted beauty website where I'll be buying it from now on, because I honestly can't go back to any other tan.  It is by far the most amazing tan I've ever used and I believe in paying the money for something that you love and that works.  You can get it from FeelUnique for £21.50 - which is much better!

The before and after picture, which shows how amazing this tan is!

Have you ever tried Xen-Tan? or have any other tanning favourites? Let me know!