Bourjois Happy Light Matt Serum Primer // Bourjois Happy Light Foundation in 50 Porcelain // Bourjois Happy Light Ultra Covering Concealer // Soap & Glory One Heck of a Blot (under eyes, bridge of nose, corners of nose) // Nivea Hydrocare Lipbalm //Diorshow Overcurl Mascara // MAC Lingering Brow Pencil

The Bourjois Happy Light Collection is the most recent in a string of successful releases for the brand, and as a fan of their existing products - I had to get my hands on these as soon as they were out.  Overall I am impressed.

Firstly and ever so slightly negatively - the Matt Serum Primer.  It's not the best primer I've ever used but it gets the job done to a certain extent.  I use this on my T-zone and in the corners of my nose, and while it aids smooth application of the foundation, it doesn't stay matte for very long.  I wouldn't even consider myself particularly oily in these areas but I can't make it past a few hours without the shine making it's way through.

On to the foundation.  I absolutely love this foundation.  It's a light texture and I really like this as it isn't heavy on the skin and it feels like it can "breathe" aka it's not like smearing dirt on your face.  It gives a light/medium coverage.  It's buildable where you need it to be without getting all gross and cakey.  Always a positive.  It's also really luminising without being overly shiny, which is my biggest fear having an oily T-zone.  I don't feel like my skin is doing this foundation justice as it's went into panic mode.  My face is chapped (yes, I didn't know that could happen either) so I'm trying desperately to exfoliate the dry bits away and give it as much moisture as possible without aggravating the oiliness or causing a breakout - don't you just love what the winter weather does to your skin?  Anywhoo - when my skin isn't playing silly buggers this leaves a super smooth refined finish.

The Happy Light Concealer, has become a fast favourite.  It's the perfect texture and colour to hide those under eye circles.  I'm not sure how it creases on every body else but I have naturally quite "creasy" eyes.  I find that if I apply this then immediately apply a dusting of powder this stays airbrushed and flawless looking.  Considering I have pretty bad dark circles I'm good with that.  This is also really good on blemishes as the coverage is fantastic.

I also realised when I was cropping my picture, that the products are facing the French way - don't worry there's also product information in English - I just didn't even notice for the photo.