Hello Lovelies!

Probably about 6 months ago now, I purchased my first Laura Mercier makeup.  I bought the mineral powder foundation, the secret camouflage concealer, the oil free tinted moisturiser and the mineral primer.  Laura Mercier is famous for being the pioneer of primers so I was dying to try one.  I had thought I would get the one for oily skin, but after my consultation with the woman at my counter, she advised the mineral primer - particularly because I wanted to buy the mineral powder and that they work very well together.

The mineral powder is oil-free anyway so I wasn't too worried that it would interact with my skin, turning me into a big grease monkey.  And it didn't, this primer has a satin soft finish and I just love how it makes my skin feel.  I've also noticed that my mineral powder goes on much better and lasts longer with it which is a plus. My skin also lasts much longer before getting greasy again and I can go hours and hours before I start to get shiny.

I have also tried this with regular liquid foundations and it works amazingly well with those too.  I am definitely not disappointed with this product - which I was worried I would be as a friend of mine had tried a Laura Mercier primer before and wasn't impressed.  But I suppose that is just one of those things, that some things work for others when some don't.  For instance I have previously tried the MAC prep and prime primer and I hated it but I know people that loved it!

I think this is worth looking into if you are looking for a good quality primer - particularly if you use mineral foundations, as that is what it was designed to work with.

It retails for £28.00 so it's pretty expensive.  But if you can afford it I think it's worth it!