So while I've been planning how I'm going to spend my first wage, pretty much at the top of the list is a haircut/restyle.  My hair is in horrible condition and it has been in the same style for years - I want something different!  I'm not big on colouring my hair too drastically or too much, it's really thin so I worry that if I over dye it or have too much bleach in it it's just going to fall out.  Even though I'd love to give Kelly Osbourne lilac hair a go I'm scared it'd end up looking like chewed up cotton wool!  So I'm absolutely fine with playing up styles - hair is hair if I cut it short and I don't like it well, whatever, it'll grow back.

I don't have the bone structure for a proper crop a la Miley Cyrus so that's the only route I wouldn't go down with a cut but pretty short/fringe/layers/choppy is fine by me!  I used the InStyle Hollywood hair makeover on their website (there is also an app) to try out some celebrity styles on myself and these were some of my favourites.

The reason I've done a blog post on this is because I would love some help to decide what to get! It can be something that I don't have here too if you have any ideas!  I've said it before but when I have a couple of choices to choose from I find it much easier than when the options are pretty much infinite!  Also I get that in the photo the hairstyles are a little helmet-y because obviously it's not real hair - but it helps if you squint!

It's between these two! I will reveal all after I have been to the hairdressers! (post depends on when I have time to go, could be next Sunday or into the week after!!)