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Yesterday, I received my ASOS order, a dress, false eyelashes and a belt all for NYE.  Cut to my disappointment when I realised that they'd send me an unfinished belt - there were no poppers to close it, making it unwearable.  I tweeted my upset - as you do, and I was contacted by ASOS.  Then with a couple of fumbly tweets, a follow and a direct message - I sent them my order number as requested.  I didn't hear from them and I thought that I'd been lost in a sea of contacts and other little errors.  But, a few hours later my phone dinged, and it was a DM telling me they'd sent me a new one and it would be here today.  I got an email too telling me it had been dispatched.  And, this afternoon, I came home from having my hair cut, and there was my nice shiny belt in a box!  ASOS, you have completely surpassed my expectations of customer service.  I had expected it to be a long drawn out affair, of sending the faulty belt back, a bit of humming and hawing and then eventually, a month down the line a new belt at my door.

It might seem a bit silly to write a post about a broken belt, but I thought you should know that I got some really good customer service from ASOS.  I can't wait to buy from you again, because I know if there's anything wrong, you'll sort it out without a court hearing!  Also now I'm having a fat day, and don't feel like I'll be able to wear my dress without looking like something that's just washed ashore - I'm hoping it will pass because the dress/belt combo is gorg!