As promised here is everything else that I bought in New York!  The beauty bits I bought are a couple of posts back so if you're interested to see what I bought you can check that out too.  Mostly this is clothes, and some random things too.  I'm not that much into clothes shopping, I find it much more of a task than shopping for makeup and skincare.  So I'm pretty pleased that I managed to find a few things that I really like.

First off I'll start with what I bought in Century 21, which is basically a massive department store-style tk-maxx (tj-maxx if you're American).  I'm not sure if Century 21 is exclusive to NY or can be found in other states but I'd recommend it either way!  From shoes, to handbags, to casual clothes and ballgowns - it's got them.  I bought two blouses. First was a Michael Kors peplum blouse with a gorgeous striped pattern.

The sleeves are long, but the fabric is quite light so it's still suitable to wear in the summer.  The neckline is elasticated so it can be worn over the shoulders or pulled down to a straight neck which I like, for something a bit different.  It looks nice with jeans and tucked into a skirt.  I wore it tucked into a white skirt while I was away when my mum and I went out for dinner.

I also got this Calvin Klein shirt from Century 21.  The camera hasn't picked up the exact shade very well, it's more of a magenta-purple, than blue-purple.  It's got lots of tiny gold buttons, and the sleeves can be worn up or down.  The length is quite deceiving in the photo too, it's long enough to cover your butt if you want to wear it with leggings, but looks just as nice with jeans.  I'd probably wear this with a skirt for a night out too, the colour is so nice!

Next I popped into Zara on 5th Avenue (how cool does that sound? Nerd moment...).  And I got this shirt.  Again can be worn with the sleeves rolled up or down.  It's linen material which I like.  It looks quite short and wide in the photo, but its not.  It's quite low cut when it's on so probably not to everyone's taste but I like it.

Next is a couple of things from Forever 21 in Time Square.  I bought these skinny jeans for around $10.  There nothing overly special, they don't have a nice wash or anything - just your basic denim.  Although, you know those days when you really, really don't want to get out your pyjamas, but unfortunately the day calls for looking presentable? These are perfect for that.  They're really comfy, and have thus been named my "comfy jeans".

I also got this dress from Forever 21, I love the pattern!  I really like the china-pattern style that's been around for a couple of months, but until I seen this dress I didn't see one that I liked enough.  I like the shape as well, sleeveless but a skater style.

Now on to the more random things!

It's become something of a tradition of mine to buy huge t-shirts to wear to bed of things that I'm a fan of.  I have a Gryfindor Quidditch Jersey that I got at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter a couple of years ago (dying to get a Slytherin one!); and I have an extremely washed out Friends one that I got the first time I went to NY when I was 11.  I couldn't possibly throw that one away but I still bought a new one (from the NBC studios store in the Rockefeller Centre).

A keyring from the Kardashian's shop DASH

An iPhone case and a makeup bag from Bloomingdales.

During the Broadway show Cinderella, Mum sneaked off during intermission and bought me a little souvenir. It's so cute, I love it (and yes I know I'm not 5 years old, but that doesn't mean I don't wish I was a Princess!).

And finally, my new baby...

I got the Michael Kors Jet Set Top-Zip Saffiano Tote, in "Vanilla Leather".  The way some companies describe colours make me laugh.  It's pretty much off-white (although the photograph makes it look bright white it isn't).  This is my favourite thing I've bought this year.  I haven't used my Mulberry since I bought it (although obviously I still love it).

I think it's safe to say that between this and the beauty haul portion, I did some damage in New York; I shouldn't be going shopping anytime soon! ...Although, I do need a new toner soon so that doesn't count right?...