It's pretty plain to see, but I did use this palette before photographing it...naughty blogger.  To be quite honest I don't know how anyone has enough self control to wait until they have time to take pictures before using something!  I bought this is duty free at the airport on the way to New York, so inevitably it got used while I was away.  I can't remember what I paid for it in duty free, but to buy it from a regular shop it's RRP is £40.00.  It may seem quite pricey, but I tend to look at it as, when would you ever be able to pay that amount for four high-end shadows and a liner?   Oh yes, I did say liner, because the darkest brown in the lower corner is infact a cream pigment - intended for use as a liner.  I have used, liquid, pencil and gel liners, but never cream.  It actually reminds me of a cream shadow - which I suppose you could also use as a liner if you felt like it.

As far as pigmentation goes, I'd say these are great.  They are quite pale shades, but that doesn't stop them having decent pigment.  This is also my first experience with Dior shadows, and I have to say they feel like butter when you swatch them. So utterly smooth and finely milled.  Absolutely beautiful!  The liner pigment is good too for what it is.  Wetter cream/gel products have better pigment (no brainer) - but could you imagine the disaster if the formula was changed? Not only would all the powder from the shadows stick in it, but it would probably melt and ruin the shadows.  Besides, it's supposed to tie in with the shadows, so a harsh liner wouldn't compliment it so well in my opinion.  I decided that as well as a little review, I would show two ways in which they can be worn - but of course there are many combinations which I've yet to try!

First look: 

These shadows are a dream to blend, they end up absolutely seamless with little effort which I love.  The inner lid shade is a pale soft pink which is a great way to wear pink on the eyes without looking like they're infected (lovely).  Pink is a difficult shade to wear on the eyes afterall!  I love the shade that's in my tear duct.  I don't really know if I can call it a "shade" because more accurately it's a sheer pink shimmer.

Second Look:

I wanted to achieve more of a "nightime" eye look and I decided to use the liner as a shadow base, which resulted in a more intense look.  I love the sheer shimmer on the centre of the lid, it's gave the eye amazing dimension! You could finish this look with a bit of black/dark brown kohl on the waterline.  I opted to keep it kohl free and just added some more mascara!