Everyone needs some retail therapy now and then right?  Well I took therapy to a whole new level this past week.  I thought I'd start with the things I got from ASOS as I bought them first...and that's probably where I should've stopped.  Ah well, life is short - buy something if you want it and eat the cupcake I say!  On to what I bought...

Checked Blazer

Oversized Grey Jumper 

Drape Back Jumper Nude

Saxby Boyfriend Jeans

Petite High Waisted Trousers

MEMO Loafers
If you're interested to see any outfits with me wearing any of this stuff or if you'd like a styling post on any of the items let me know!  Most likely these will feature in outfit posts, but almost definitely on my instagram (there's already a photo of the boyfriend jeans on there!).  I've worn my loafers all day today and my feet are lovely and blistered - but at least they're broken in so that's the most important thing right?