About 3/4 weeks ago, I was sent a package filled with Philip Kingsley treats due to a palava with Feel Unique - I wrote about it here.  It was very kind of them to send me anything, and I definitely wasn't expecting it, what's more it had a lovely handwritten note in it, that means more to me than anything else.  Such thoughtful service.  Anyway, since then I've been putting the products to the test, and thought I'd write about the Elasticizer first, there's a bit of hype around it just now (and it's also the freebie in InStyle magazine this month!).  Be warned, if you try the sample from InStyle, you will probably want to buy a full sized version for yourself.

I've never been one to look after my hair, but I'll always moan about how thin it is and how it always breaks and falls out.  But even with a few weeks of using the Elasticizer I've noticed a massive difference with my hair.  Now the thickness of it hasn't changed, that is quite impossible and that's not what the Elasticiser is for anyway.  My hair is in amazing condition now, and I've never even really thought about it being dry on the ends because I'm prone to getting greasy roots rather quickly.  My hair has gotten sleek, shiny and soft and it's not weighed down at all.   The best thing though is that it doesn't break nearly as much which is brilliant.  I have to wear my hair up a lot for work, and when I took it down it my hair would come away in clumps - but not any more. There are instructions on the box which advises you how much and where you should apply it depending on the thickness of your hair (I don't apply mine to the roots!).  This should be suitable for all hair types, and how much you use it will be dependent on how damaged your hair is.  I'm only using it two times a week just now which is perfect for my hair.  If your hair is thicker or more damaged you might want to use it more than that - or even as an overnight treatment.  Philip Kingsley Elasticizer - RRP ranges from £15.00 - £74.00 depending on the size you're after;  check it out here.