On the 5th of October, I was lucky enough to go to the FABB Events event in Glasgow.  Hashtag FABBGLASGOW what, what?!?  When the talk of the event began, it was all very secretive so of course I had to be there.  The mystery was enough to intrigue.  I have to say, I'm really glad that I did go.  Not only was it brilliant to see some other bloggers I haven't seen in a while, but it was great to get introduced to some new brands, or new products from brands much loved already.

My favourite stall for the products, hands down was Lush.  They had all of their recent launches, which were mainly Christmas themed - so what's not to love?!  They've brought back some old favourites (photographed above), but what I'm most excited about is the new Santa lip scrub that is Cola Flavoured.  The holidays certainly are a'comin'.  I had red lipstick on so I couldn't sample it but I cheekily had a taste.  It tastes good!  I was also pulled in by the gorgeous scent of Rose Jam shower gel.  I'm gonna have to get my hands on it.

Mallzee were also there - with some boxes of incredible fudge to entice us over. Well it worked, that was some damn good fudge! Mallzee is a relatively new app, and basically it's linked up to over 200 brands and high street stores.  It helps you find things to suit your own style by learning the things you like and things you don't.  Over time it becomes your personal stylist, never be caught up short when looking for the perfect outfit!  I have only just downloaded it having only just learned about it, but so far I like it!

There were also representatives from Coco Brown Tan, which I can't wait to try; Tropic, a makeup and skincare brand that's all natural, cruelty free etc. and sooo much more.  I got lots of lovely samples to try, which are in the works for upcoming blogposts!