I have had this face mask since Christmas (which is when I got it!), and I'm already on to my second tube.  This stuff has made my skinmares all the better.  If  you've read my skincare/makeup posts before you know that I used to suffer acne, and now I only suffer breakouts and blackheads rather than 24/7 spots.  Sometimes though, I can have a particularly bad breakout.  The kind that's not going to shift or heal in a hurry.  That's where this comes in.  I tend to use it once or twice a week when my skin is okay (it's never clear completely to be honest), or daily if my skin is a nightmare (along with some other spot busting products).  Nothing works like this has for my skin.  You can see instant results after using this which is why I love it.  It doesn't act like an eraser, but once used my pores and blackheads are visibly smaller and improved; and the redness and size/swelling of spots is improved SO much.  I hadn't actually realised I've not written a post on this before but it was while I was using it not even an hour ago that I knew I needed to share my love for it.  I wouldn't say this is a product that you need if you just get the odd spot - but if it really bothers you I suppose you could.  For someone like me that gets at least 5 spots at once, it really bothers me when people complain about one teeny one that you can't even see but they insist on pointing at it going "LOOK!" - let me get my magnifying glass.  Anyway I'm going off on a tangent...  This mask is also good in terms of reducing the oils in the skin as well as reducing pore size so if that's your only issue rather than breakouts it could work in that sense too. The reason it does this is for it's super clever ingredients.  It's got Zinc Oxide and Sulfur which rid of excess oils and clear the skin; and it's got Camphor which not only clears but calms the skin too.  It's got quite a minty/tea tree scent so you can feel it getting to work which I really like too.  I'm not sure there's much else I could say about this other than - I love it and I recommend!