Shirt - ZARA // Skirt - EBay // Tights - M&S // Shoes - ZARA // Bag - Mulberry Bayswater // Watch - Michael Kors MK5314 // Necklace - Topshop
Recently in Topshop I seen a gorgeous burgundy velvet skater skirt.  I dithered over buying it and ultimately decided not to.  I knew that I wanted a Navy one.  I looked in every shop and every online store I could think of but there was no navy velvet skirt in sight.  I decided to look on ebay and found some great sellers that did every colour of velvet skirt you could think of.  I got a navy one and a burgundy one for half the price of the one at Topshop - WIN!
I love my little ZARA shoesies but I haven't worn them much because it's so cold and I've been opting for boots more.  I think I need to brave the cold them worn more.