Pot eyeshadows are some of my favourite eye products.  You can smudge them on with your finger, lil' bit of blending and viola!  Instant eye look, that often looks like it took more effort than it did.  Over the last little while I've been trialing some and here are my thoughts...

Chanel Illusion D'Ombre - The most luxurious of the bunch, with the most unusual texture.  These are more of the mousse like variety and the result is akin to a powder shadow with a little extra long lasting power in.  They're also beautifully shimmery which is what makes them stand out from the others.  These do crease eventually without a base if you have oily eyelids, so that's something to consider.

Bourjois Color Edition 24 Hour - The sister company to Chanel, these are a step down from the Illusion D'Ombre.  Still a moussey type texture, with not quite as powdery result.  These are an inbetween Illusion D'Ombre and normal cream eyeshadow.  I actually really like these, although I know people prefer other options.

MAC Paint Pot - The original offering of the pot shadow.  These are a little more sticky in texture and have fantastic grip to work as a base for powder shadows, particularly the matte ones.

Maybelline 24hour Colour Tattoo - These are similar to MAC, as in they offer a stickier non-budge quality.  These don't crease, work well as a base and on their own.  For me, these are the "all rounder".