Recently Kirsty, the beauty and the brains behind this all new completely free magazine with content from bloggers only, put out a search on twitter for people looking to participate in the first launch issue.  I jumped at the chance as I thought it would be a really exciting opportunity.  I done a festive makeup look, which you can see in the pictures I've used above.  Go on over and check it out to see my full list of products used and see the rest of this great new online mag! Link: THE EDIT

Here are my tips to get the perfect party makeup look:
1. Use a primer!  Even if you don't have oily skin, using a primer will mean you can dance all night without the fear that your base will melt off.
2. Don't experiment with new foundations.  Stick to a base that you trust, and that makes you look fab, regardless of the fact there may be one out there that makes you look even better (the never ending search of a beatuy blogger!) DON'T DO IT.
3. I highly recommend the concealer I used for every skin type/blemish issues.  I use mine to cover my acne, so if it can cover that it can cover anything!
4. Use peach toned concealer under your eyes - that's quite common knowledge about the beauty stratosphere these days.  But, if you don't want to splurge for the Bobbi Brown Corrector, opt for an NW shade from MAC.  Their concealers are all a bit cheaper than Bobbi Brown at the minute.
5. Lightly powder the centre of your face.  Especially if you're oily/wearing a luminescent foundation.  You will look shiny in photos even though you just look beautifully glowing in real life.
6. Keep your blush within similar tones to your lips.  Mismatching the cheeks and lips can make you look a bit undone.  Although - if you've opted for rock-chick blue lips (anything goes!), a cool toned blush would work, I don't recommend blue cheeks - even though it's cold outside!
7. To get staying power with your lips, prime your lips.  You don't need to splurge on an actual lip primer.  A  thin blended layer of concealer, then a well blended lip pencil in a similar shade to your lipstick/gloss will have you good to go.