Hello Lovelies!

I thought I'd do a quick little review of the first and only Benefit boxed blush I purchased.  I'll be honest and say it didn't amaze me so much that I thought I HAD to have another colour, but it may just be the one that I chose isn't as good as others.
What attracted me to this blush was the firstly the box, I love the design of the packaging - and I didn't own a pale dusty pink blush either! The powder has a very fine shimmer through it, which you can't even see when you apply it to your cheeks.  I'm not a fan of overly shimmery blushes myself anyway; but why have it in a blush if you can't see it all?  I like the colour when it's applied, but as there isn't a lot of colour pay off you need to use a LOT of it.  Also I'm not a fan of the brush because it just seems to absorb so much of the product.

Benefit Thrrrob Blush - £23.50

Also it's not exactly a cheap product, so I wasn't overly impressed with this.  I much prefer the colour pay off in the MAC blushers.  I will say that I have used Benefits Coralista a few times before and that has a lovely colour pay off - which is probably because it is a brighter colour.  Although, it isn't really an excuse if it's a pale colour to have no pay off!  I am going to continue to use this product until I finish it as it was so expensive, but I wont be repurchasing this blush!


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