Hey Lovelies!

I haven't done a favourites post before, because I'm not really aware of what products I'm using most throughout the month, but this time I made sure I was paying attention!

I'm going to break it into categories so that my post isn't over run with products!

Body: My favourite body product of the month has been one that I've rediscovered.  I bought 3 bottles of it ages ago because it was in a deal, and I completely forgot about it!  It's the Veet Hair Minimising Body Moisturiser.  Now I wouldn't say it's a fantastic, luxury moisturiser; but it's fantastic at reducing the hair if you use it regularly.  I can go longer inbetween shaving my legs with this which is amazing - but of course it's only when I remember to use it everyday or every second day.  
£5.25 - Available here at Boots

Face: Origins ginzing eye brightning cream - been on lots of nightshifts this month and this has been my saving grace from looking like a zombie!  It de-puffs and brightens my under eye area, generally making me look less tired.
£21.00 - Available here

Face: Estee Lauder BB cream - Definitely my favourite bb cream I've tried so far.  It has pretty good coverage, and it smells really fresh and clean.  It has a soft cucumber scent which is signature to Estee Lauder's day wear range, and I love that, although it may not be to everyone's taste.  I also love it because it isn't greasy to use, and the garnier one was like rubbing oil on my skin - horrible!
£32.00 - Available here

Eyes: Revlon Grow Luscious mascara - There are lots of mixed reviews about this mascara.  But I'm definitely a fan.  I've used it almost everyday in July and I have noticed that my lashes have grown a little.  I think the problem is that when people hear that it'll make your lashes grow they want it to happen overnight, or that they expect a MASSIVE change.  It'll make your lashes grow, but not to the degree of looking like you have eyelash extensions.  It also lasts well and doesn't smudge!
£9.99 - Available here

Lips: MAC lipglass in pink lemonade - full review coming soon!
£13.50 Available here

Parisian bedroom theme - full post coming soon!
My Cat Miley- Because she's cute