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Firstly I want to start by saying, it bugs me that everyone assumes that if you don't like Valentines day and you're single you must be a bitter old grump whose just jealous of people in relationships this time of year.  Believe me if it's ever been discussed people have said this to my face, and it's absolutely not the case and it really annoys me!  If you're in a relationship, that's great and I'm happy for you, but I'd rather be single until I find someone worth my time - which seems an almost impossible feat as I do seem to attract some weird ones!  One time I met a guy in a club and we got chatting and he bought me a drink; within 20 minutes he'd mentioned how 'great it would be if we got serious and I was his girlfriend' - STOP THE CRAZY TRAIN I WANT OFF!  Needless to say I went and hid in the toilets until it was safe, and then I spent the night crouched behind my friends so he couldn't find me.  That was MASSIVELY off topic, but yeah.

I'm a massive romantic at heart, so straight off the bat you'd assume that I love Valentines day.  I would rather it didn't exist at all.  I'm probably living in a total fantasy land when it comes to love; but I don't agree with there being a day set aside for people to show how much they love someone by buying lots of material things - gifts are always nice I suppose, but to me that's not what love is.  Say, because your boyfriend bought you a Mulberry bag for Valentines, and someone else's bought his girlfriend a substantially cheaper gift doesn't mean your boyfriend loves you more because he parted with more cash.  Love can't be measured with material possessions - so I don't think you should "have" to do it.  Some people would argue that, they don't go all out on Valentines, they just have a dinner and exchange cards - maybe they get flowers from their loved ones, but I still don't like it.  Wouldn't it be nicer if after a horrible work week, you got home and your significant other had made your favourite dinner and ran you a bath; or bought in some goodies to curl up and watch a film with.  It's not specific to a day, it's not remotely about outdoing each other with the grand gestures; it's just about doing something nice for someone you love.  I don't believe in material grand gestures when it comes to love.  Booking a surprise trip to Paris is an amazing thing, but wouldn't it be nicer if it was just because the person you love has always wanted to go there rather than "it's what couples seem to do when they're in love".  For me it's the little things that mean the most.  If you can love someone without material things being a factor, you could lose it all and it wouldn't matter.  That seems more important to me.

I believe that if you love someone you should try and show them that everyday, not just one day of the year. I know that for a lot of people, Valentines day is good for them because it makes them set aside the time to spend together - but shouldn't your goal to be to do nice things together more than once a year - or rather as much as possible? I'm not judging peoples relationships if you don't have the time you would like to spend together; it's just what I would prefer - I stopped seeing someone because he just didn't have the time to give.  I don't like the idea of being told that this is my day of the year to show someone how much I love them by buying expensive gifts and things covered in tacky hearts (which by the way look nothing like real hearts, I've seen them with my own eyes).  I don't like being told what to do period.  Love is supposed to be this beautiful, unique, rare thing and I don't think 'celebrating' valentines day makes love any of those things.  There was massive chat on twitter and, well, every corner of the internet about Tom from McFlys wedding speech that was actually a song.  I watched it and I cried.  That to me is romantic and beautiful, and pretty damn original.

Whenever I think about Valentines it makes me think about how ridiculous other occasions have become as well - like Easter.  People get iPads for "Easter Presents" - I got a chocolate egg and was cool with it.  It baffles my brain.  It's marketing really, there are hundreds of adverts on TV about buying gifts for Valentines day - apparently Chocolates as dear as cars and expensive jewellery they probably wont like is the way to go.  So to recap, I don't like Valentines day because:  I don't like that a lot of the time it's about material things/gifts and such lark; I don't believe love should be about material things; I think you should show someone you love them as much as possible, and not on a day you're told to - yada yada yada.  You catch my drift.  Whenever I want to argue my point I think of that saying "A dog's for life, not just for Christmas" - well for me:

 Love someone every day, not just on Valentines day

So there you have it, if you want to date me, you'll be happy to know that I don't want to celebrate valentines day, at all.  But, if you're not spontaneously romantic or caring, that's a deal breaker!