Over the last month or so, I've been buying dresses to fill my wardrobe again (I sold old ones that were too big on ebay).  I love dresses.  They are without a doubt my favourite thing to wear - especially for a night out!  I didn't really do by thinking - oh I need this colour, or one like this because that's in fashion, blah blah blah.  If I seen a dress I liked and tried it on and liked it more - I bought it!

Burgundy Dress - H&M - £3.99 (OFFER* Original Price £12.99)

Every new collection release, H&M do an offer for a item of clothing for £3.99 and this time it was this dress.  It also comes in Emerald Green, Black and Grey.  I chose burgundy because I absolutely love the colour.  I also really liked the black side panelling.  It makes your waist look teeny!  The long sleeves will be good for going out when it's colder, which I like too.  And with an offer like that, how could you refuse?

Purple/Magenta Panelled Dress - Matalan - £16.00

I'm a bit disappointed at how this has photographed, because it doesn't make it look nearly as nice as it actually is.  The top part sits smoothly against the body and then it's a-line at the hem.  It's a gorgeous silhouette   It's also available in a two-toned bright blue, and there are some online exclusive colours.  But this was my favourite - purple is my favourite colour!  

Cream Lace Dress - Primark - £17.00

I've wanted a lace dress for absolutely ages, but I could never find a reasonably priced one that didn't look cheap or that was a flattering fit on my body shape.  But this is perfect! 

Black Body-Con Dress with sheer back skirt - Primark - £15.00

I can't actually believe this is from Primark myself, and at such a cheap price.  I'd been looking at a similar, well basically identical dress in Miss Selfridge and I couldn't believe when I found this instead.  This is quite dramatic, so I think I'm going to keep it for around the festive party season, and I can dress it up quite a lot.