About a month ago, I was lucky enough to be sent some lovely products from Purity Organic Skincare to try and test.  A few other Beauty Bloggers were sent these products too and I have read many reviews on them.  I haven't even had time to try them all yet, as I didn't want to drastically change my skincare routine - I get breakouts and other skin problems when I do that, because my skin is a menace!

I wanted to talk about the overnight regenerating moisturiser as that is the product I have been using the longest and the most consistently.  This is described as:

'A deep, repairing healing cream, Sweet Almond Oil, Beeswax and Aloe Vera soften and protect the skin.  Ceramide 3 reinforces the moisture barrier of the skin and improves long term moisturisation, protecting against sustained daytime environmental damage.  Added Vitamin E improves the health of skin, leaving it restored, regenerated and ready to face another day'

The instructions for use are to apply liberally and massage into the skin on the face and neck.  But, due to me having oily skin, I have been massaging a small amount into the skin so I don't overload my pores with product.  But a little of this goes a long way I find.  If you scooped out a 'liberal' amount and tried to apply it your face would be left thick with cream.  I have found that I have got the moisturising benefits from this even with only using a small amount at a time.  Even though my skin is oily, it was quite dehydrated once I use products to remove the oil, so this product, though you may think it is only suitable for dry skin - works wonders on dehydrated skin.  I've noticed an improvement in the softness and the suppleness of my skin, which is always a bonus!  And my skin can be quite sensitive to products but this has no added fragrance and is suitable for sensitive skin - like all of the purity products.

This product is paraben free but it does contain other natural preservatives.  They have a little disclaimer on the product that says the product may change colour over time due to the percentage of natural product.  This doesn't mean once it changes colour it has gone off though, because the preservative should help maintain it's 'usage' life.  I imagine it will eventually take a yellowish tinge instead of white due to the almond oil and beeswax ingredients.

This retails for £7.99 for 50ml of product which I think, combined with the products effectiveness and that you don't really have to use to much of it at a time, makes it good value for money.  This is definitely my favourite product that I've tried from Purity so far!