Hello Lovelies,

A few posts back, I had my little mini Dior Haul and I bought this lipstick.  I've been absolutely loving it and have worn it most days that I've been wearing makeup.  It's a warm pink, and due to the natural tone of my lip I find it just enhances it making them look a little richer in colour, with a more luxurious moisturised texture.
Rouge Dior Nude Lipstick - £25.00

It comes in the classic navy blue Dior packaging with the engraved quilted effect.  It doesn't really smell like much either which I like, as sometimes I do find smells of products overpowering.  And I find it really moisturising to the lips, so I don't feel that it's required for me to use a lipbalm prior to application.

It was pretty expensive at £25.00 for a lipstick, but I have to say that due to the quality and feel of this lipstick, combined with the fact it lasts well for a non-matte lipstick, I would definitely buy another one.  I have my eye on the shade greige, as due to a bit of investigation I found out that's the colour Natalie Portman is wearing in the Dior Nude campaigns, and I love it!