MAC Plushglass in Big Baby - £17.00

I've had this lipgloss, or "Plushglass" for a while now, and I'm only just getting round to doing a blog post on it.  I actually do really like this product, because I think it looks beautiful on, but lipglosses aren't what I gravitate towards wearing everyday - I'm a lipstick girl through and through!  But when I do use this either on it's own or over a neutral lipstick I remember just how lovely it is.  It's a peach gloss with a soft pink and white pearl through it, and due to the pearl the result is an understated natural glossy lip.  I'm not a fan of pale pure peach glosses - especially if they're opaque, because they don't suit my skin tone at all - so I'm glad that this is a neutral peach.

It has a regular doe foot applicator - which is my preferred applicator for lipglosses, with brushes I end up with it everywhere!  It is sticky, but I find that in the lipgloss world the majority of them are, and being a bit sticky makes it last much longer anyway - so it's not something that I moan about.  I have a rule though, since it's so windy in Scotland almost all of the time, I don't wear my hair down with gloss if I'm going outside in the wind, or I wear in on days that aren't windy.
The Plushglass formula contains lip plumpers, and is supposed to enhance your pout.  I've never really noticed it tingling or anything, or noticed that it enhanced my lips either.  I've used the Soap and Glory lip plumping lipgloss before and that was verging on painful - but it does noticeably plump your lips.  It could be because my lips are naturally a little bit full and there isn't a huge amount of lip plumping ingredient, but it  could be enough for you if your lips are on the thinner side.

I do think it's a lovely lipgloss, but I don't think it'll be a repurchase for me - if I ever use it up which seems unlikely anyway!  And that's only because I'm 100% certain that it would be easy to find a high street/drug store dupe for this.  Since I didn't find the lip plumping agent to be noticeably effective I wouldn't mind not having that in the dupe either - but I did want to try a plushglass.  I think it is way overpriced for the product too, but that's MAC for you I guess.  I think the glosses should be cheaper than the lipsticks to be honest.  So, I will continue to use this because I like it and I have it now, but if I was looking for something like this in the future I'd have a little rake through all of the glosses on the high street first!