I bought this lip pencil after watching Lisa Eldrige use it in her "meeting the ex" tutorial on youtube.  Not because I have an ex to meet (single for life/I love cats always and forever/where's the chocolate?), but because I really loved the colour.  I had actually been looking for a lipstick of a similar colour at the time, so I thought why not just try and use a lip pencil and see how it goes, especially because I already had the Nude lip pencil from the range (which I've not yet reviewed, do'h!) so I figured it would be of equal quality, which is good in my opinion.  This is a really lovely deep petal pink, that is actually really lovely for the on trend lip colours this season.
The little sharpener that comes in the end of the lip pencil

The No7 lip pencils are the 'twisty-up' (actual technical term I'll have you know!) kind, so in theory there's no sharpening.  Although! These clever little pencils have a "sharpener" in the end.  If you've ever used a liner whether lip or eyeliner of this design, you'll know how easy it is for them to blunt, and no longer give a sharp line.  But with this built in, you'll always be able to get that sharp edge - if that's what you're looking for!  These lip pencils have a lovely consistency.  The product is soft enough for comfortable application, without melting away and snapping (if you don't have a crazily heavy hand).  It wears comfortably on the lips too.  I like to apply lip balm before the rest of my makeup so that it can soak in before I get to my lips.  This is a sufficient enough base for the liner, lipbalm doesn't need to be slathered on underneath right before you apply it.  It has great staying power as an all over lip colour too, and you can layer and lipstick or gloss your heart desires.  I actually really like this on it's own, but another favourite is to put this under Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Boy.  I lost my first one of these when I was out one night wearing that combination, but I repurchased a few days later - so I really do like it, and that's how I got the new No7 packaging!  You can buy it for £6.75 ,or use one of the many £5 off No7 vouchers that you get in store and only pay £1.75!