Yesterday was my Graduation, and I still can't believe it!  Even though Uni was the hardest time in my life so far, it has absolutely flown in.  I remember my first day still so clearly, so it seems strange that now I'm out the other side, degree in hand.  Celebrations started on Saturday night (the 24th of Nov) and this was for all of the family, as my graduation was on a Tuesday not everyone would be able to do something actually on the day.  We all went to my Granny and Grampas house and had indian food and cake.  And my little cousins (and my mum *facepalm*) danced around the living room to gangnam style.  My family is pretty crazy, but I suppose that's what makes it fun.  The family get together was for my mums birthday too, it was her birthday on the Sunday - so it was a little joint celebration really.

[Dress: Oasis, Bead Collar: New Look]
My graduation was held in the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall, and as it was in the morning, I had to be there for about 09:30AM to register - so it was a very early morning.  I got up at 6 so I could shower and take my time for my hair and makeup - I was so worried about my pictures - because these are for life!  I don't know how much of a wreck I'll be about photos if I ever get married.  I also wore my Annabelle's wig, because I wanted my hair to look good - no one knew it wasn't my real hair!  It's tradition to wear a white shirt and black skirt as well to your graduation, but I didn't want to, I wanted to have a lovely dress I'd wear again.  I wore tights too, it's the end of November and it's absolutely freezing so I knew I'd need to keep my legs warm, and I had little black flats with bows and gems on them.  I still had my crutch, because I knew it would be a long day and my foot would get really sore without it.  So for all of the photos my mum took it or I hid it behind my gown!  And I really can't wait to get the formal photo that the photographer took - my mum stood behind him and seen the few shots he took on the screen of his camera and said they were nice; but mums always say that don't they?

It was so lovely to see everyone that was in my class when I was at uni, all with their gowns on too.  Although some people couldn't make it, and it would have been really nice to see them, so that was a shame.  My friend Danielle picked up my gown for me and met me in the concert hall with it.  You had to pick them up at the uni and then walk down with them, because the uni is just up behind the concert hall.  It was a bit much for me to walk because Glasgow Caledonian University is stupidly hilly, and I knew I'd be doing a bit of walking afterwards to get to where we were going for lunch.  I was determined to walk across the stage and get my degree without my crutch though, and I managed it!  Although I was definitely walking more slowly than anyone else and I had a strange sort of limp.  You can buy the ceremony of DVD so I've clearly ruined it for anyone that does buy it - and if they don't know me they'll be wondering what's wrong with me!

Danielle and Me - She had to take her lovely Louboutin's off to get pictures with me because I'm so short with no heels on!
It was crazy to see how many of us were graduating - now it makes more sense to me about why it's so difficult to get a job in Glasgow as a nurse just now.  There would never be enough jobs for us all!  But it's okay, I know I'll get something soon!  I would have loved to hang around and talk to everyone afterwards, but once it was over everyone and all their families that came with them were all over the place.  It was far too busy to even find anyone.  So I ended up giving up trying to find anyone I knew, and I went down to H&M with my gown on to show my sister who was working (yes, I did get some strange looks!).  Melissa had to work in the morning, but she was finishing in time to come for lunch with us.

Mum, Me and Dad (we're all wee shorty's!)

My dad and I went for a coffee, while my mum ran up to the uni to take my gown back and we waited for Melissa to finish.  I had a massive salted caramel latte - it was lovely, and the first Christmas coffee I've had the chance to get.  When they both came to get us, we headed to Wagamama for some yummy Japanese food - it was the first time my dad went and he really liked it!  I went to House of Fraser afterwards to spend  my graduation money and I bought the Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation and I'm really excited to try it because I've heard really good things about it.  All in all it was a really lovely day, and I still can't believe I'm actually graduated!  A fully qualified nurse.  It still sounds a bit scary!