After buying my first Dior lipstick from the same collection (see post on that here).  I just knew that I was going to need another one - life of a lipstick addict, what can I say?  I had no idea what one to get, but I really wanted to find out what lipstick from the range Natalie Portman was wearing in the Dior Nude campaigns, because quite frankly she looks gorgeous in them and I wish I looked like her!  I done some googling, and found out that it was Grege she is wearing in it (apparently), but I still wasn't 100% convinced to buy it because of all the gorgeous colours available, until I seen a post on it on BellesBoutique.  So I bought it the night I read that post online - but I can't for the life of me remember where from.  It was either Selfridges or House of Fraser.  It's the same price everywhere so that doesn't really matter!  Rouge Dior Nude lipsticks retail for £25.00, so they're pretty pricey, but I am so happy with the quality of these lipsticks that I'm willing to pay it.  However crazy that may make me seem!  In the Dior Nude collection there is also a Nude nail varnish called Grege which I'm guessing is to team with the lipstick for a matchy put together look.

Lets talk about the lipstick!  Grege is a very neutral lipstick colour.  I don't see any brown tones in this lipstick, but I think it is both a mixture of peach and pink.  This makes it a pretty unusual colour, because nude lipsticks usually fall into one of three cateories, peach undertones, pink undertones or beige undertones.  I think the mixture of the tones give it a beautiful warmth that doesn't wash out the complexion like a lot of nudes do.  I think this would make it work with pink and yellow undertones too, which makes it a pretty versatile lip colour.  I don't think it would work on deeper skin tones, maybe only up to olivey skin tones, Laura at BellesBoutique is quite tanned and it looked good on her, and I'm super pale and I think it looks quite nice with my skin tone too.  The lipstick is really moisturising, and so lovely to wear on the lips.  Wear time is pretty average as it is so moisturising, really only matte lipsticks have real staying power in my opinion.   It's really well pigmented, so you can apply it with a fairly light hand and still get a decent slick of colour -unlike with some sheer lipsticks that you will to be pigmented and wear the bullet down to nothing trying to get some colour!  I have been wearing this colour a lot since I bought it, so it's been a good investment.  It's definitely in my top 5 current lipsticks!