I bought this blush a few weeks ago after chatting to Helen from thelovecatsinc when she said that the Stila Convertible colours are her absolute favourite cheek products.  I had been looking at them for a while and wasn't sure about them but Helen saying they are her favourite gave me the final shove to buy one.  I chose Lillium because it was the most neutral colour, and most of my blushes are brighter and more intense.  So technically I needed it...

It was a toss up between Lillium and Rose but, Rose was a bit more intense and rosy in colour (would you believe?!) and I wanted something that I would be able to wear on the days that I don't want to look like I'm wearing makeup.  With my new found love for Lillium though, Rose could be next on my list to buy!  Although, I don't know, a lot of the colours appeal to me! Stila is available from lots of online stores, but I bought mine from Boots for £16.00.

The convertible colours from Stila are designed to be used on your cheeks and your lips, but as much as I love Lillium the colour just isn't right for me on the lips.  On my cheeks it's a very close match to my natural lip colour, but when applied to my lips it looks a bit muddy.  Lillium does have a brown undertone, so that is probably why, but the texture overall felt okay on the lips (I didn't keep it on for long because I didn't suit it).  If I got another Convertible Colour I'd definitely have a bash at wearing it on the lips.

Full face with Lillium Blush [Lips are bare, it does not look good on my lips!]
This is my first Stila product and I have to say that I'm pretty damn impressed.  It's definitely blendable to a natural flush of colour or you can build it up - it's slightly built up in the photographs so it was easier to see; but I was wearing it more naturally in this MOTD post here.  I have oily skin, and it doesn't react with the oil in my skin at all, once it's on it's on - it aint going anywhere! I have found that it's really long lasting too, which is more than what can be said about any of my powder blushes, that no matter what fade away to nothing as the day goes on.  And even though I am oily I don't like to look like I have a powdered mask on, so this gives me the opportunity to still have glowing cheeks and I can just powder down the centre of my face.  I have definitely been reaching for this more than any of my other blushes since I got it.  Now all I can do is thank Helen for giving me the final shove, this is honestly one of the best cheek products I've ever tried - so thank you!