Everyone and their granny knows about this OPI shade.  It's been out for years and is pretty much a staple in every nail varnish lovers collection.  I bought this months ago, it was either August or September because I wore it on my toes when I went on holiday in October.  I would've done a post on it then except I didn't really feel like having pictures of my toes all over the internet - I don't like feet, including mine!

This is the first I've worn it since then, I kind of went through a phase of only wearing red or neutral polishes, and it took all my willpower not to pop another neutral on when I was doing my nails today.  I like other nail colours, but I've just got into the habit of nudes.  Really I picked this because it will match the outfit I'm wearing tonight (MOTN & OOTN coming tomorrow), it looks black when it's on so it matches pretty well. As with most polishes it takes two coats to get a completely opaque finish.  I really like the OPI polishes, a lot of nail varnish loses it's sheen once it dries but OPI doesn't seem to (the ones that are supposed to be a glossy finish, obviously).  In the bottle it looks black, but when held up to sunlight you can see that it's just reaaally dark purple.  I put this on today so I can't comment wear time, but it lasted on my toes for weeks and my other OPI polishes usually last 5-7 days with no chipping; if you're not really heavy handed.  I'm never really up to much other than typing so it doesn't get easily chipped.  I'm not sure about dupes for this colour but there will no doubt be similar cheaper ones.  I didn't pay the usual full price for this, I bought it from NailPolishDirect and that has OPI, Essie, Seche, China Glaze, Models own etc, for a little cheaper than the RRP.  OPI is usually £11.50 and I got it for £7.15.  Not a bad little save!