I came across Language of Flowers on The Londoner Blog.  Her friends own the company, so she was lucky enough to have first dibs.  I went on and looked, but at the time I just didn't have the spare cash (I hadn't started my job yet).  Then I just kinda forgot...shame on me!  It wasn't until recently that Rosie instagramed a photo of herself wearing this top that I went to check out the site again.  It didn't hurt that she'd put a cheeky promo code.

There's plenty of designs to choose from, and with each design there are a few different top styles.  Crop, vest, boyfriend t etc.  For me it was between this Viola design and the Verbena design.  I love that it has a unicorn!  They've skillfully took each flower, the meaning behind it and come up with a design that shows it off.  Viola means Love at First Sight, so the little love potion bottle is very fitting.

I opted for the Cropped  Tee in grey.  I loved how it looked on the model, but I went for the bigger size for a more slouchy look.  Plus it's a little bit of extra length, and as I'm not totally confident flashing my stomach it's perfect.

One of my favourite things is that on the label, there was a little sachet of Viola seeds attached.  I'm off to steal some soil from my Grandpa...

You can find your own Love Of Flowers top here - don't forget to find the perfect one for you by looking at all the flower meanings!