Dress - ZARA // Tights - M&S // Boots - OASIS // Watch - Michael Kors MK5314 // Bag - Mulberry Bayswater // Scarf - ZARA // Coat - ZARA // Nails - Mavala Amethyst // Lips - MAC Rebel

On Wednesday, I hopped on a train with my mum in tow and headed through to Edinburgh.  It's my mums birthday on Monday and we'd got tickets to see the Lion King at the Edinburgh Playhouse.  So we got up early and got wrapped up 'cause it was hella cold, and went to explore.  Given the fact that Edinburgh isn't even far from Glasgow this was about the third time in my life I've gone - bad I know!

It was a lovely day, we (I) did some shopping, then we went to see the show.  It was amazing, I would highly recommend going to see the Lion King on stage if you haven't already.  Then we went for a nice meal - can't complain about my Wednesday!

I bought this ZARA dress ages ago, but decided to keep it for a "nicer" occasion, rather than just wearing it whenever.  I had it before Olivia Palermo was seen wearing it in all the magazines - just FYI.  I usually always wear opaque tights but seeing as sheer ones are back in - I thought I'd give it a go.  I'm not sure how  I feel about it.  I hate my legs and can pretend they're invisible when I'm wearing opaques.  My boots I haven't had off since I bought them - love love love them!  My coat was a good bargain, it was one of ZARA's £30 coats this year.  My mum, my sister and I all ended up with a different colour each.  My Mulberry which if you've been reading my blog for a while you'll be sick of.  I love it and it's the only black bag I have now so I use it allll the time.  I have my eye on a Michael Kors Mini Selma though, and there are nice ones in ZARA at the mo'.  These photos were taken under normal house lights with a flash (damn you weather) - I haven't dyed my hair red/brown it's still same ol' dark.

I wish I'd had enough sense to bring my camera to Edinburgh, then it could've been an outfit post/lifestyle post hybrid, and my photos would've been like the pros.  Although, maybe asking my mum to be my photographer on her birthday outing would've been a little unfair...