Shearling Darling
Parka Perfect
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I have a bit of a love for Essie nail polish.  For me they've got it all going on; from texture, colour range to ease of application these have it covered.  So whenever I'm feeling like a bit of a nail polish splurge Essie is my first stop.  The last time I went they had just released this little beauty.  I haven't ever bought the Essie sets - they do them every season with a trio of suitable on trend colours but this one really caught my eye.  To be honest it's really handy - I'm sure it's not often that you actually manage to finish a nail polish, so a smaller one is a good way to go.

Shearling Darling - Your perfect super shiny burgundy.  This looks nice as a berry shade in one sweep - or like in the photo above two coats and you've got the perfect mulled wine shade.  Essie describe it as a "Mahogany Red" - which to me is just a posh way to say dark burgundy, non?

Parka Perfect - Now I've never seen a parka this colour, but I do really like it.  It's like if Mint Candy Apple and Chincilly had a sparkly little baby.  There are sparkles that run through this nail polish but it's super subtle, you can't see it unless you move your nails around under the light and look real close.  It is a nice effect though, and a really nice colour.  This is my "something different" for the winter season.

Toggle To The Top - The perfect winter sparkle.  I have my ever famous China Glaze Ruby Pumps for Christmas day, but this is a little more chic.  Again I prefer this as a double coat as it really deepens the shade and adds more glitter.  The more glitter the better at this time of year in my book.

This retails for £12.99.  Not half bad for three different nail polishes!