Hello Lovelies!

I bought this lipgloss about a month ago now, and I have to say that I've been loving it!  I was first introduced to the shade through watching Ingrid, or Miss Glamorazzi's youtube channel.  She featured this lipgloss a few times and it was in a favourites video too a while back.
MAC Tinted Lipglass in Pink Lemonade - £13.50

Pink Lemonade is one of my all time favourite drinks, it's not as easy to get in Scotland, or rather I've struggled to find it anywhere locally, but every time I've been in the US I drink it pretty much everyday!  So that little bit of random information added to the appeal of this colour to me.  I'm definitely a sucker for the names of products, and if it's something I already like or if it's cute I have to have it!

Pink is also one of my favourite colours (which you will be able to tell once I do a post on my bedroom - coming soon!) so when I finally got round to getting to MAC and looking at the colour in person I bought it then and there.

It's the perfect 'sweetie' or 'candy' bright pink colour.  Although once applied it becomes more sheer and is the subtle soft pink shade that is just like pink lemonade. This lipgloss has the finest subtle shimmer through it, which gives the gloss a beautiful finish once applied.

Natural Light

I've found that this gloss wears pretty well too.  It does of course fade like all glosses do, but it doesn't go patchy or collect in the corner of your lips going all gloopy.  It's a very subtle fade, which is perfect.

The only slight negative for this product is that it is quite sticky.  I have said in a previous post on a MAC dazzleglass, that I'm not overly pernickity about sticky glosses.  As long as it doesn't glue my lips together or feel like think cement I'm not bothered.  And this doesn't, and because I love the colour so much I really, really don't mind!

This costs £13.50, so it's not the most expensive MAC item! Although I've got a feeling it'll eventually go to £14.00 like the lipsticks did (sad face).  I don't tend to go through my lipglosses but I have a feeling this will be one that I may finish, and if I do I'll definitely be repurchasing it!

Do you have any MAC lipglass favourites?

Have some yummy Pink Lemonade on me!
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