Hello Lovelies!

I own one of the MAC 6 blush palettes so I thought I would go through all the colours I have, similar to how I'm eventually going to work through my two MAC 15 eyeshadow palettes. I only have 5 blushes from MAC at the moment, but really that's only because I can't decide which colour I want to be my 6th!

Pro Palette Refill - £14.50

Frankly Scarlet is one of my favourite blushes. It looks a little bit scary in the pan as it's bright red. A little bit of this goes a long way as it's highly pigmented, so a bonus is that it'll last for ages!


To use this you need the lightest touch when using this or you could quickly look like a clown. But if applied properly, for me it gives the most natural looking flushed cheeks. As my skin tone is relatively fair, when I blush naturally it tends to have a red tone to it, so surprisingly this is my most natural looking blush.

Blended Out

It's completely matte which I tend to prefer in a blush, because I tend to use a shimmery highlight and don't like to look overloaded with glitter.  I think this is going to last me a really long time, but if I do eventually make it through the colour, I would definitely repurchase.  When I bought it, it was only £14.00 but since then MAC have (annoyingly) put up all of their prices, so for the refill palette it's £14.50 and for the individually packaged one it's £17.50.  Expensive but I think it's worth it.  I haven't seen another colour like this available cheaper, or with out shimmer.