I've had this nail varnish for about a year.  It just got put away in my nail varnish box and forgotten about, but it's not really a summery colour anyway!  So the first positive thing I can probably say about it is that it stays in good condition for a really long time.  Most nail varnishes dry out pretty quickly after they have already been used - but this hasn't!

It's a lovely understated putty grey colour, which is a perfect choice if you're struggling to decide what colour you should paint your nails (this happens to me a lot!).  It basically goes with everything so it's always good to have colours like that in your nail varnish collection.  It's handy if you have a lot of things on close together and you don't have time to constantly change your nail colour, but this one would definitely need touch ups!

On to the negatives :( .  Deborah Lippmann nail varnishes are notoriously overpriced.  The plain coloured polishes are around the £14.00 mark, with some of the glitter finishes going up to £16.00.  There's the ones that contain diamond powder and real gold which are £18.00, which I suppose almost justifies the price of them.  Anyway, I'm rambling!  I don't think that the overall quality of the nail polish is worth £14.00.  It takes two coats to get the colour to look true to the bottle, and it really doesn't last that well.  If it was a miracle nail varnish that lasted perfectly for two weeks, then I'd be more willing to part with the money for another of her varnishes - but sadly I think this will remain my one of my two only Deborah Lippmann varnishes.  For most of her colours, there will be dupes at cheaper prices.  I don't doubt there is a dupe for this shade out there somewhere, but there are some truly original colours that if you're desperate to own you should go for it!

So I'm a bit "meh" when it comes to this nail varnish overall.  It's a nice colour, it lasts well in the bottle (i.e. it still hasn't gone gloopy even though I've had it for about a year) - but it doesn't last well on the nails, I'm not a fan of the price, and there is probably a dupe somewhere!