[image from: weheartit edited by me - it may seem slightly irrelevant to the post, but cats are never irrelevant mkay]

Hey guys!

I just wanted to put a little post up to let you know what I've been up to the past week.  I've not had time to get any review posts or anything up because I've been a busy little bee, time has been running away with me and all of a sudden it's dark before I can get photos.  Four days with no post isn't too terrible I suppose, but I'm used to uploading about every other day.  On Wednesday morning I had a job interview, which I felt ill about because I really really wanted the job - there was a few places for new jobs but I wasn't sure how competitive it would be.  It was in a hospital that I had a few placements in when I was a student, so I knew I liked it already and it was where I really wanted to work and start my career.  I was told I wouldn't find out until the Friday (yesterday) so afterwards I didn't even feel any relief.  And all I could think about was what else I should have said to make them want to hire me.  I went to Nando's after it and ate my weight in chicken and piri-piri chips.  Then about an hour later I ate a tub of Ben and Jerry's ice-cream (the Vermonster, which is amazing I'd never tried it before but I love it!).   I wish I was one of those people that's appetite leaves them when they're stressed out but nope - mine doubles.  Really if I'd even thought I would have done an interview makeup post and outfit post but my head was up my arse (not literally obviously, but my brain definitely left me to my own devices for a while).  So I want to do my makeup the same and don the same outfit for a post tomorrow so you can see if I looked all nice and professional!

Anyway, it turned out that the interviewers managed to make a decision nice and quick and I found out at about 4pm on the same day.  If you follow me on twitter you'll have already seen that I got it! I was so pleased and crazily excited.  So since then I've been just busy enjoying being excited about that.  I've been planning the things I'll need to buy aswell.  I was looking at a red heart shaped fob watch (nurses watch) which might just be a little too cutesy because I'm going to be working with patients having heart surgery, but I don't care I think it'll be cute!  I don't know when I'll be starting yet, I've got to get my letter from the hospital confirming the offer, and then they've got to get my references and disclosure and things sorted, so it'll probably be a good few weeks yet anyway.

As well as that, I've been doing stuff around the house to help my mum out because she started her new job this week.  So I've been doing the housework and the food shopping (with a little help from Melissa) and I've been making the dinner and things, but hopefully things will settle a little more into next week and I'll get a bit of a routine down.  Starting Monday morning, I'm getting serious about my eating again, and getting properly back on to Weight Watchers, and next week I want to start the 30 day shred as well.  It's my 21st birthday on the 26th of February so I want to look good for that!

I'm also going to two events this month which I'm really excited to blog about.  I'm going to an event in the Hilton Glasgow on Wednesday night to trial their new afternoon tea TII which will be lovely and exciting!  And on the 21st I'm off through to Edinburgh to attend the Benefit event for the launch of their new product.  So queue the SQUEEEEEE!  I'm already having a very positive and exciting start to 2013, and I can only hope that the rest of the year continues this way.  I'm going to attempt to make a blog button now, as I've tried before and failed and have been meaning to get my act together with it!  I hope you are all well!!