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This isn't my usual type of post, but part of my soul searching was that - I care about more than makeup, so why am I not talking about it?  I'm passionate about a lot of things, maybe this wont be to the taste of my regular readers, but this is my space to empty my mind.  And I find that when I bottle up how I think about things so much, everything around me gets affected by it.  So this is my therapy.  Like it or lump it!

Now I'm only 20 years old, no where close to being a parent - but sometimes with the state the world is in, I think I wouldn't even bother inflicting this world on a child.  Yes, there are many evils, but it's become so much more than that.  The next generation seem to have no perception of reality and have not one marble between them.  That may seem like generalisation, and I'm not picking on everyone, as there is always exceptions to the rule, so for the sake of not jumping in the comments (if you are in fact a 12-15 year old - probably older and younger too) to defend yourself because you're not like this, then disregard what I'm saying - I want to give you a big hug and tell you that you are the hope of your generation.

What I want to know is, when did it become okay to become so outrageously obsessed with "celebrity" and their whole world that you forget what is genuinely important in life?  Some of these girls are so obsessed that my heart actually races in fear for them.  This rant is coming off the back of the "#cut4bieber" trend on twitter.  Obviously being the inquisitive little soul that I am, I clicked on it to see what it was all about - only to find that there are girls cutting themselves to try and get Justin Biebers attention because he supposedly smoked weed - and the fraction more sane, but still sick in the head ones, are googling pictures of self harm and passing them off as their own.  When did it become "trendy" to cut yourself, as a way to impress someone, or to gain attention??  Or worse still, when did it become okay to disrespect unwell people, disregarding their illness as something to covet for yourself to get the attention of a celebrity?  People who cut are very unwell, they need help and love - not to be told "ugh, you get soooo much attention because you cut! I'm going to start doing that!  I just want him to notice me!!".  I also seen a comment from one girl, saying that another girl was a "bitch" for delaying a concert because he went to visit her in hospital where she was suffering from cancer.  This girl then went on to say, that she wished she had cancer so that she would get his attention.  She WISHED for cancer.  That's how crazy the world is right now.  I have worked with cancer patients, so this really cut close to the bone for me.  Wishing such a brutal illness on yourself or anyone else is beyond words for me.  I just can't understand.  Cancer is not a joke,  it's not a great way to meet celebrities and even though survival rates are improving - it's still a death sentence for so many people.  Do you think that the first thing on someone's mind when they are diagnosed is, "oh, I wonder if I can get a celebrity to visit me?".  I have literally seen someone's world end before my eyes by being diagnosed - never mind the actual deaths I have seen.  It's sick.  End of story.

Obviously, the bieber fanbase aren't the only fanbase with their own special batch of insane.  Just about every fandom has them - but the worst that are highlighted now in social media, and the news, are definitely bieber or one direction fans.  Do they not know that you can still be a fan of a celebrity without them becoming your whole world?  My big sister is a fan of one direction, but she doesn't stalk them on twitter bombarding them with messages about how much she loves them, and that she would die for them.  Because she's not crazy, why would you die for someone when you don't actually even know them and they don't know you either?  She enjoys their music and thinks they're good looking, but it doesn't rule her life.  In fact, I used to listen to one direction in the beginning, but the crazy fans just ruined it, so now I avoid them and anything to do with them at all costs.  No I don't care what shampoo Harry uses, or Liam's favourite colour -  no one should care about this stuff to be frank.  These people are strangers.  You don't really know who they are, even though you'd probably win a trivia game about them.  So, in essence you don't love them.  You can love their music, yes.  You can love their style.  You can love the way they look.  But, nope I'm afraid that's not "real love".  Now I'm not going to go into what real love is as that's a whole other ball game, but the two people involved usually actually know each other, yes?  Being "in love" with someone who doesn't know you and who you don't actually really know is NOT REAL.  So asking, no begging them to follow you on twitter because you "love them so much!xoxoox!!!" and they don't doesn't mean they don't love you - you are a stranger.  And even if they did follow you, that doesn't mean they "love" you either - I'm sure they appreciate your support as a fan though.

This is only the tip of the iceberg really,  I'll tell you that I'm SICK to death of 12 year olds photos being all over instagram.  And then, more 12 year olds telling them that they're "sexy" or "hot".  NO NO NO.  My first question would be directed to the parents - why does your child have an instagram?  Or better yet, WHY does your child have a smart phone?  Y'know what I had when I was 12?  A barbie, and a phone that did nothing but phone, with just my mums number in it so we could contact each other when I was out playing - which undoubtedly some people would even say was overkill.  Does anyone younger than 20 actually remember playing outside as a child?  I don't know about you but I would only come in-doors to sleep, and if the weather was bad, I didn't sit and watch mindless TV or play computer games that melted my brain.  I played with my barbies, and with my dolls, or I drew pictures and wrote stories - y'know things that stimulated my mind and my imagination.  Kids don't have imagination any more, and that makes me really sad.  Children are lazy these days, why bother try and think of something fun to do when they can moan that they're bored and be handed an Xbox or an iPad, or any of those ridiculous game consoles, that negate the need for creativity?  Or, if these aren't provided at the drop of a hat, suddenly you're "the worst mum in the world" and "everyone has them, so I should have it too!"  Even, these things aren't becoming enough.  It's always more, more, more with these kids - so maybe that's why the celebrity obsession comes in.  Maybe they think that they'll feel fulfilled if they're noticed by a celebrity, after all the media tells us that these people are so important, so it must be true, no?  The same media that tells us what we should look like, and if we don't look that way we aren't good enough.  FUCK the media (not usually one for swearing on my blog but, it was definitely needed here).  There are not many "famous" role models out there, any more.  I would hit the roof if I thought my teenage daughter was dressing like rihanna or something - it doesn't take a rocket scientist to realise that she is not a role model, like 90% of celebrities these days.  Because of these heinous people, the ability to be a child, and have a bit of innocence is completely lost.  One day I actually came across a page on facebook, "if you're still a virgin at 14 you're a loser" (with grammatical errors of course, but I needn't stoop so low).  That made me really sad, and even though a 14 year old would shout me into the ground for saying it, you're still a child at 14.  Why do you want to force yourself to grow up when most adults would jump at the chance to be a child again?  I blame shitty TV and the media, and even some parents that don't take the time to teach their kids what is important.

I'm not disputing that being a parent must be so hard.  But, surely you can teach them what's important in life?  Or maybe just teach them what's not important, that would be so much faster.  The media doesn't matter, "celebrities" don't matter. People don't discipline their kids any more - and I'm not talking about giving them the belt like in "olden times" but most kids will just be bloody happy with an explanation.  Teach them that life doesn't work by having everything you want handed on a silver platter.  Teach them to have respect for life, everyone's not just their own.  Teach them that the most important thing to care about is themselves, their family and the family they create through friendships.  Teach them that knowledge and imagination are what's really beautiful.  That celebrities are not to be idolised, but people who do good things are.  That, in the grand scheme of things, material things don't matter.  I'm not even kidding when I say, I would give up everything I have, if it made the world a better place - including the laptop I'm writing this on.  As long as the people I love are healthy and happy; and that I am a happy, respectful person - I know nothing else matters.  Why don't they?  Quite frankly, if this is our future I hope I'm not around to see it.