[img: Tumblr - edited by me]


If you follow me via bloglovin, you may have noticed that no posts had been showing up since way back in september (or something ridiculous like that), and that was because I changed my URL.  I really don't advise it, it has been a nightmare!  I was in contact with bloglovin several times, they kept claiming it was fixed when it wasn't and then I'd never hear from whichever person I was talking to that time again.  Anywho, I have just managed to fix it.  So if you prefer to follow blogs that way, it's working again - and you'll actually be able to see when I publish a new post!  The link is here: http://www.bloglovin.com/blog/4677269/its-a-kind-of-lovely and it's now fixed in the bloglovin icon in my sidebar!