I got this serum for my birthday and have been using it daily since.  I mentioned on twitter a couple of weeks ago that my skin has never been better, and in all honesty using this in conjunction with some other pretty life changing, or skin changing products has made my skin look amazing.  Well, as amazing as it can when you have old acne scarring.

Over the last few weeks I have barely had a spot grace my face - which is nothing short of incredible when you are/have been an acne sufferer like me.  I used to have really terrible painful acne when I was younger, but then I went on roaccutane which cleared my skin completely; and then over time I noticed spots starting to creep back.  It was never as bad as it was before, nowhere near in fact, but at all times 24/7 I would have at least one spot on my face.  I've never been one to get those cute little spots that you can barely even see.  Mine were always craters, taking over the biggest surface of skin the could.

Since using this serum I have had two weeny teeny tiny spots, one when my period was coming up (unavoidable really due to hormones etc) and just yesterday because I'm getting over a cold (most people get spots when they are unwell as the stuff inside it is a used up white blood cell, which has basically fought the virus/bug, so don't ever be too worried if you get a bit spotty when you've been unwell!).  I can't remember if ever in my life I've had spots as small as that or ones that have disappeared within a day like they both did.  I'm not going to say this is the only products I'm using that have helped my skin, I'm using the La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo and Effaclar K too.  But, as I had been using them for a couple of months at the time of starting the serum and they had only reduced the size and duration of the spots life a little bit - now I'm not really getting spots at all.

The texture of the serum is quite unusual, it's really runny, and when you start to smooth it into the skin it gets an almost sticky texture as it dries in. So to apply I find it easiest to take about 4 drops in the palm of my hand, smear it over my skin and then press it in.  I've found that it really helps with keeping my skin moisturised, while my effaclar's take the oiliness away.  I love the way it smells too, it just smells like lots of fresh clean things but not soapy - think natural fresh scents.  It is rather pricey at £43.00 but it is for 100ml which I think will last a long time, especially because I only use this at night time.  Without a doubt this will be an immediate repurchase for me, never since I was 10/11 years old has my skin been so clear!  In fact yesterday when I had no makeup on my sister said my skin looked nice, something I'd have never heard before unless I was wearing foundation that looked like skin!  So I'm very happy with this product! I'm pretty much done experimenting with skincare, I've found all I need from this and my effaclar's! Now I just need to sort out my cleanser woes (clearly I just need to get back on the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish, which I will be soon!) and get my scarring sorted!