On Wednesday night I was lucky enough to go to the Debenhams Press Event for their Spring/Summer 2013 collections.  There was womenswear, menswear, childrens wear, accessories and a small beauty selection on display for everyone to have a browse at and take some photos - and plan their favourites to buy!

I have a real attraction to dresses and evening dresses that I'll never have the opportunity to wear.  And believe me there were some beauts!

Something else that really caught my eye that I just have to have is a navy blue shirt with cats on it from H! by Henry Holland.  I'm such a cat lady, you could give me anything with a picture of a cat on it and I'll absolutely love it and you forever!  I really loved some of the summer dresses they had too.  I'm such a dress girl especially in the summer, I'll wear dresses more than anything else!

H! by Henry Holland Cat Print Shirt

My favourite part though was definitely the beauty previews.  They had little areas set up with representatives for Nail Girls London, Bare Minerals, Benefit, CK One Cosmetics and a larger area set up with some products - some being released for spring summer and some that are popular all year round.  Needless to say that after skating around the clothing and accessories set up and easily picking my favourites, the majority of my time was spend here, swatching, testing, smelling and creating a wishlist - as you do!  A particular favourite product that stood out to me was a gold shimmery lipgloss by Guerlain - and I don't even like lipgloss all that much!  But it was sparkly so I was sold.

Love this idea!

There were a couple of treatments on offer by Nail Girls London and Benefit - and I was cheeky and had both!  I got my nails done by one of the lovely girls as they were there showing off their new pastel nail shades for SS13 - but I was boring and got my nails done in a taupe colour! I love my nudes, what can I say?  I got my brows done by one of the girls from the Benefit counter in Debenhams Silverburn.  In all honesty I can say that I would only ever let a Benefit brow expert do my brows, they are perfect!  I've been to a few of Benefits own events and have learned a lot about how they do their brows and seen demos and things; and those girls really know what they're doing! If you have the fear about people touching your brows like I did, or if your brows are in need of TLC get your booty down to a Benefit counter - they'll sort you out!

The Debenhams Press Event was a fantastic experience - albeit not great for my bank balance!  We were given swag bags with free samples, a full size ck one product and other bits and bobs.  I got the most gorgeous lippy in mine - so no doubt you'll see that on the blog at some point!