Firstly, the shopping started in duty free at the airport.  When does it not when you're going on holiday?  I made a beeline for the Chanel counter and picked up a new bottle of my most favourite foundation; Chanel Vitalumière Aqua.  I'm probably about more than halfway through my original bottle and I was getting a bit afraid of using it up and leaving myself with none, but now I don't need to worry for a while!  I also got a new eyeshadow quad in 34 Eclosion, which I've been eyeing for months! I almost bought it when I went on holiday in October last year.  Now I finally have it and I love it.  I used it a couple of times when I was away, and I think it's going to become a definite favourite.  Next I picked up a Dior eyeshadow palette.  I've wanted a Dior palette for ages too.  I've watched people use them on tutorials on youtube and loved how the texture looked.  I wasn't disappointed when I got 508 Nude Pink Design.  What's really nice is that the bottom right shade is actually a cream that can be used as liner (as it's intended) or I like that you could use it as a base for a more intense look.  I plan on showing the difference, doing a little day and night eye blog post (hopefully soon, but I think we're all used to the fact I'm so unorganised with my blog most of the time!).  Then I couldn't not buy a lipstick! I ended up getting a YSL Rouge Pur Couture in 17 Rose Dahlia, which is a beautiful bright pink-coral. I grabbed a Travalo perfume atomiser - I've also been meaning to get one for such a long time.  So much more handy than carrying a big clunky perfume bottle around in your handbag!

Next, we headed to Victoria's Secret (a massive store next to Macy's on 34th street in case you're going any time soon).  To be perfectly honest the underwear is totally over-rated, and absolutely tiny with millions of padding (which I suppose explains why most VS models have no boobs in most other campaigns).  I wouldn't have paid the money for one even if they did do my size (they stop off at a D and I'm a G...not really gonna work!)...anyway what I absolutely do have time for is their range of body products.  Their makeup seemed quite nice too.  For every body spray scent is an entire range of body care.  I loved their body sprays and bought three in Hello Darling, Pure Seduction and Love Spell; which is my favourite.  That way I can chop and change my scents, depending on what I feel like that day. If I'm ever back near a VS, I'll be after their body lotions next!

On to a different day of shopping, down in the West Village on Bleeker Street (would highly recommend just to see all of the chic older buildings and designer boutiques).  I went into the Aesop shop, thoroughly excited about finally getting my hands on the Parsley Seed mask (I have already done a review of the serum here).  Ah, of course I was talked into another product.  I'm the best customer ever, my bank account hates me for it!  I got the Purifying Facial Exfoliant Paste.  Basically it has little crystalline Quartz beads and Lactic Acid - an exfoliation dream!  It literally feels like I have new skin after using it.  I'm loving both of these so far!  You have to just look at the little canvas bag it came in...that's the shops carrier bags! How cute.

These next things are from a (couple of) trip(s) to Sephora.  My mum couldn't tear me away from there, we were in one for about an hour then, in another not long after.  Firstly I'll start the the Dior BB Cream in 002.  Yes I gave in to the hype, but I'm actually glad I did because I really like it.  I like the way my skin looks when I use it, but I'll keep ya posted with how I get on. Next I got BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector in Pearl.  I could actually cry with how easy this is to get in the states.  Becca is nearly impossible to get in the UK (now with the exception of ordering online with Space NK).  I have wanted this for almost two years, and now it feels almost surreal to have it.  I can hands down say, this is the most gorgeous product, and the hype with the shimmering skin perfectors are worth it.  I have used it blended with my Estee Lauder BB cream and on it's own as a highlight and I'm in love.  It was worth the wait! Next is an Essie Nail Varnish in Penny Talk - I am cheating slightly because I bought this in Wallgreens at Times Square, but it fit there when I was taking the photos.  I have it on my nails now and I love, love, love it.  It is absolutely the perfect rose-gold colour.  I was skeptical because when I held my Buy Me A Cameo beside it it didn't look rose gold at all, the colour definitely doesn't translate/do it justice.  New Favourite! Next is a new Caudalie Beauty Elixir; mine was basically empty and I wanted a new one (I wish I'd waited and got it out of the Caudalie Boutique downtown though, just to have a cute bag!).  I also got a little set of the Fresh Sugar Kisses Lip Balmy type things.  It was the same price for the set of teeny three as it was for one and I couldn't pick a colour.  I'm liking them so far, but I'll let you know if I think they're worth the hype.  Next on to a product that I can safely say is so overhyped it's ridiculous.  Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray.  I bought the teeny size that Sephora do (ps. can everywhere start to do this? Fabulous idea to try out new things without wasting double the cash on a full size!).  It just doesn't do anything more than a cheaper salt spray.  Was my hair bigger? Yes.  Was it wavy? No.  Did it stay wavy if I curled it first? Hell no.  I'll use it up but I certainly wont be buying again. Cest La Vie.  Lastly - Phew - I bought two of Sephora's own makeup brushes.  A Fine Liner Brush and a Fluffy Crease Brush, a la MAC 217 - at a fraction of the price!

I apologise for the length of this post - as usual I got rambly but that's what makes me, me...right?  I hope you enjoyed reading about what I got, and look forward to my Clothes/Miscellaneous New York Haul.  I bet you're glad I split them up...