The Something A Bit Different : OPI - Schnapps Out Of It!; the perfect Autumnal Orange.  It reminds me of crunchy leaves and pumpkins.  Not for everyone but one of my favourites!

The Berry/Burgundy Hybrid: Chanel - April; Intended as a transition from Winter to Summer, I don't see why it can't be used the other way around.  It's perfect if you want a little bit of that Autumn berry tone without going too dark, or too red if that's not your style.

The Red: Essie - Forever Yummy;  The Red red.  This is my favourite shade of red at the moment, and a fairly recent purchase.  A true red.  Everyone needs one.  That is all.

The Shimmer: OPI - Diva Of Geneva;  This covers your purple, and your shimmer.  For me I start to feel festive at the end of August, so a shimmery nail polish is the way to feel it with out people judging you; I tend to leave the gold and silver shimmer/full on glitter to the beginning of December.  Santa hats and Christmas tree earrings are not yet (or really ever) appropriate.

The Statement: OPI - Lincoln Park After Dark;  Everyone needs their go to dark nail polish.  This is mine.  Again something a bit different than a full on black; although if that's your statement love, go for it!  Another alternative is an almost black navy blue, or almost black red.  The hint of colour just gives a little something extra than a pure black.

*Links go to full reviews - or you can check out my Nail Swatch Page.  So you can have a better idea of what they look like on all of your nails.