Pyjamas - Rosie for Autograph // Cable Knit Robe - Topshop // Cashmere Bed Socks - The White Company // Crochet Blanket - Zara Home // Candle - Jo Malone // Mug - Emma Bridgewater // Your Favourite Movie - That's on you...

I much prefer a night in over a night out.  Going for a long bath complete with bubbles and face mask slathered on.  Followed by slipping into cosy pyjamas, eating some naughty but tasty food and watching a good movie.  I'm a boring 21 year old, I get it.  I'm cool with it.  So I thought I'd put together a little wishlist of all of my essentials for the perfect night in.  I've had a busy week so TLC Me time is on my mind.

I absolutely love the pyjamas.  Classic pyjamas styles are my favourite kind.  I love being all covered with long sleeves and long bottoms, although I will stray to shorts and a vest in the summer months against my will.

I'm in the market for a new house coat (or Dressing Gown, or Robe if you're that way inclined).  I usually prefer something a bit fluffier but this really caught my eye.  If I'm going to be wearing it over long pyjamas I guess the fluffiness factor isn't an issue.  Plus knitted would be cosy anyway!

I prefer to wear cosy socks around the house over slippers.  My feet feel more free while still being kept nice and toasty.  I love the idea of cashmere ones (probably never gonna happen).  At the moment my favourites are velvety soft Aloe infused ones.

If you're still not cosy enough (the word cosy is starting to make my head spin), a blanket it the way to go.  As I currently have four blankets on my bed, plus two in the living room; adding another may be pushing it.  I have to say though, that's a beautiful blanket.

You have to have a candle on if you're having a night in.  It's a rule, or something.  I'd love to say that I have a massive selection of candle scents to suit my every mood (the dream) but unfortunately not.  I'd say your best bet to get that comforting feeling is something a bit woody or relaxing (think lavender based scents).  I've never had a Jo Malone candle, but it's on my bucket list along with Diptyque.

For your night in you have to have a mug.  I don't care if you're drinking wine or diet coke from it but it just looks more...right.  My drink of choice is good ol' tea, maybe the odd hot chocolate.  Finding your favourite mug is no mean feat.  If you're a tea jenny like me, you'll find a favourite and feel wrong if you drink from something else and cry hysterically if you break it.  Finding 'the one' can be a long process (see my mug cupboard for evidence).

You're also gonna need something to watch/do.  A night in requires keeping yourself entertained enough to stay up past 9pm.  I usually put on a movie or catch up on some of my TV shows online.  Snacks are essential, whether that be a Chow Mein from the local takeaway or a giant bar of chocolate...or both.