Left - No Makeup // Right - YSL Youth Liberator Serum Foundation
YSL Youth Liberator Serum Foundation ONLY (no concealer or powder).  MAC Omega through brows, Nivea Hydro Care on lips
YSL never used to be in the running when it came to popular foundation choice, but they changed that last year with the Le Teint Touche Eclat Foundation - and in my opinion they've knocked it right out of the park with the newest one on their stands.  Touche Eclat and I never really hit it off, I had a bad colour matching experience at the counter and I never went back to try it properly, but my guess it it wouldn't have been enough coverage for me anyway - I'm more of a medium kinda gal.  The YSL Youth Liberator Serum Foundation has exploded into the blogger world, and I knew that from all of the amazing reviews out there I had to try it.  I am just going to put it out there - I'm on the bandwagon with this.

As always with a base review post I have applied it to half of my face so you can see the difference this makes.  It has brightened and evened my complexion overall, my under eye circles are almost gone and it's covered my blemishes for the most part.  This foundation has skincare elements in it making it good for your skin, which is always a good thing with a base product.  It's quite thick consistency but easy to apply - I find using a buffing type brush is the best way to get a natural blended finish.  All the reviews I read harped on about this being ideal for dry/normal skin but my skin is combination.  I find that this still works for me really well and I love the finish.  I put a little primer in my t-zone and also powder my t-zone and this stays flawless all day.  In the photo I don't have any powder on, but I find it does last better with a little bit of it on.

This is definitely an expensive foundation, but with the result I think it's worth it.  The skincare elements are what will be making this more expensive so it is the goodness you're paying for.  Also, I've used it quite a lot and I've barely made a dent in it.  If prices aren't an issue or you're looking for a special occasion foundation this could be the one.

YSL Youth Liberator Serum Foundation retails for £34.00.