I bought this during the beginning of summer 2013, and it has fast become a favourite skin care treat of mine.  This is quite popular with other bloggers, I absolutely know why.  When you are constantly trialing new products for you blog, it's not surprising that skin gets a bit congested and blackheads occur.  I was always prone to that any way, as my skin is prone to congestion and breakouts.  Somehow, this manages to unclog and tighten pores without being to harsh on the skin.  My skin is really changeable, sometimes it's very oily and others it's dehydrated.  This works regardless of how my skin is feeling.

A lot of masks designed to clear blackheads and heal spots are so drying for the rest of your skin, and by the time you follow it up with a moisturising mask your blackheads are back and looking more pronounced.  Because this is so gentle on the skin you don't need to do that.  Aesop is one of my favourite skincare brands because it manages to be effective for it's purpose but doesn't negatively effect the rest of your skin.  I would highly recommend this to anyone that has problems with blackheads and congestion.

Aesop isn't easy to access in the UK (well definitely not in Glasgow) but you can order in online.  The Parsley Seed Mask Retails for £27.00 for 60ml.