Gel Nail Color

I've been pretty loyal to Essie nail polish for a while - mostly because their colour selection is second to none - but it's about time that I expanded my horizons and admitted to myself that Essie nail polish chips SO easily.  I love the colours but their formula seriously needs looked at in terms of longevity.  Anyway, my most recent nail purchase is the Maybelline Super Stay 7 Days Gel Nail Color in the shade Nude Rose.  This is a new formula from Maybelline who still have their Superstay Forever Strong Professional Nail Varnish (which is in the same shaped bottle).  Gel nails are all the rage these days as they are supposed to be the longest lasting.
It's a beautiful dusky rose shade with a cream finish.  Generally I prefer that to shimmery nail polish, I personally just think it looks nicer.
Application is fairly easy as the brush is one of those thick flat ones that coats the nail in two sweeps. I applied two thinner coats in order to prolong wear rather than doing one thick application.  I always smudge my nails if I do that.
I'm quite heavy handed so I struggle with keeping nail polish looking nice, but I've been wearing this for 6 days at time of writing (with Seche Vite top coat) and in the past week I've baked two cakes, washed the dishes a lot of times and done some general tidying up and my nails still look pretty acceptable.  There's some wear around the edges of my nails, but unlike the OPI one I wore last week it isn't chipped into tiny patches left on my nails.  So while I don't quite agree that it's 7 days of perfect wear, it's definitely 6-7 days and then it's time to change or do them again.  I don't do it often but I'm redoing my nails tonight with this polish and I never do that - I either leave them unpainted for a long time or pick a different colour so I think that alone shows that I've been quite impressed with this nail varnish.  I'll be buying another colour of the formula just to make sure it's good across the board!  These retail for £4.49 which is so affordable!