This bank holiday Monday, my boyfriend and I packed up a picnic and got in the car to head to the sea side.  While I love living in the city, it's nice to get out of the hustle and bustle once in a while.  We took ourselves to Largs, which is about an hour away.  After a while of trying to find a parking space (it was busy - but no surprise as it was sunny) we took a walk along the front and got some rather lovely photos and some fresh air.  We picked a spot of grass and got to chilling in the sunshine and cracked open the picnic basket.  If you ever go to Largs, I'd recommend going to the original Nardini's ice cream parlour.  They have a shop on Byres Road in the West End of Glasgow, but nothing beats an original.  They have a cafe attached to the ice cream parlour that does everything from Fish and Chips to Ice Cream Sundaes as big as your head.  Admittedly though we just popped in for an iced coffee and a break from the sun because we'd brought a picnic, but I was eyeing up what was going on around me.  Largs is your typical small sea front town, lovely for a day out in the nice weather.  We were there for around 3hours but there was nothing rushing us home except for my inability to stay out in the sun long without turning a rather impressive shade of red. Largs is definitely on my list for summer days out in the future.